Jeff Holdman, Vice President and General Manager of U.S. COEXCELL has announced the appointment of Jeff Coil as the company’s Technical Sales Manager and Business Development.

Holdman said he brought Mr. Coil in to manage organic growth of the existing business along with developing new markets in areas that can benefit from the high purity aspects of the Coexcell multi-layer drums. High purity or Ultra-Pure drums, as they are sometimes referred to, are specifically the packaging of choice and are required in the electronic wet chemical industry. They are also key packaging essentials in many pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry segments where contaminant free packaging is required.

“Jeff Coil has worked in the sales and marketing universe since he received his masters at the University of Toledo in 1993,” Holdman said. He most recently lead the sales and growth efforts of a thermoplastic extrusion company where he was accountable for growing the company to $25 million in sales.

Coil said, “I am excited to be a part of Coexcell at this time in the company’s history. With the impending move to a new state of the art facility with access to the latest in ultra-pure drum manufacturing technologies and protocols, the upside potential is tremendous. The company already has a terrific reputation in the marketplace for contaminant free drums, so I’ll be building on that solid footing.”

Coexcell is 100% dedicated to the manufacture of 55- and 30-gallon plastic drums for bulk packaging and storage purposes. Formed in 1993, the company specializes in and leads the way in the development of multi-layer, ultra-pure drum packaging. It also offers plastic drum packaging for the food processing and general janitorial and sanitary supply markets.

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