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COEXCELL, strategically located in Maumee, OH, specializes in blow molding Ultra-Pure and High Purity, tri-layer, HDPE 30/55 gallon drums.  Currently, our main customers require Ultra-Pure/High Purity drum packaging as they provide chemistries for the semiconductor industry, or provide active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to the pharmaceutical industry.  To satisfy this sophisticated customer base, Coexcell integrates state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, robots, clean rooms, as well as quality and high production standards in providing critical drum solutions.  

COEXCELL has also become known in the fruit/vegetable processing industry as the premier manufacturer of rugged, reusable, and space-saving 55 gallon nestable drums.  A calculable ROI makes these drums the best long-term financial choice.

Our Products

Electronic Wet Chemical Ultra-Pure/High Purity Drums

Keeping metal ion extractables down to parts per billion (ppb) is particularly critical to the microelectronic chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. One part of the solution is COEXCELL has developed our exclusive ICAS™ HDPE drum manufacturing process..

General application drums produced cost effectively

COEXCELL produces environmentally-friendly, multi-layer drums on state of the art equipment with robots to produce the most cost effective drum possible.

Nestable Packaging Solutions

Our reusable, rugged N55 Nestable drum is a 55 gallon solution
ideal for a returnable/refillable application. It lasts on average 4 times longer than steel drums and nests for the empty return trip more economically than steel drums.

PureTech for Excipients, Nutraceuticals & Personal Care

COEXCELL has created the PureTech solution for customers that require extra cleanliness. These drums are created for the cleanliness requirements of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care industry that are not concerned with metal extractables than the semiconductor industry but still value cleanliness. .

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COEXCELL has opened the doors of it’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maumee, Ohio in 2021. The technically advanced plant was constructed to accommodate demands for higher purity standards and higher production capacities across the company’s product lines.


The Coexcell lineup of drum choices and purity levels is unparalleled in the industry

Date:14th Aug, 2021
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Getting closer!! Inaugural railcar of HDPE has arrived

Date:14th Aug, 2021
Getting closer!! Inaugural railcar of HDPE has arrived. State of the art facility will begin making Ultra-Pure and High Purity drums soon. #newmanufacturinglocation #supercleandrums#ultrapuredrums#highpuritydrums#wetchemistrydrums
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A Month Away! The downstream equipment is now assembled

Date:14th Aug, 2021
A Month Away! The downstream equipment is now assembled in front of the blow-molding machine. This new equipment will ensure that Coexcell will be the…
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