Locking Band Installation

N55 lid and lockband installation on N55 drum.

U.S.COEXCELL Achieves New Heights

U.S.COEXCELL has opened the doors of it’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maumee, Ohio. The technically advanced plant was constructed to accommodate demands for higher purity standards and higher production capacities across the company’s product lines.

Kautex (1)

Coexcell is expanding 55 gallon drum production with the state of the art blow molding machine now producing. In this video, the drum is leaving the mold and having the flash removed.

Kautex (2)

Once the Flash is removed, the robot rotates drum and hangs it in a horizontal position. The end of arm tool is equipped with a load cell to automatically check the weight of each drum. If the drum is in the designated weight range it will then move to one of the cooling stations in the automated cell.

Kautex (3)

During the third phase of our state of the art blow molding process, the robot moves the drum to an open cooling position to flush the drum with clean air and cool the inner surface properly.

Kautex (4)

Drum is moved from cooling station to final quality check station.

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