After over two decades, COEXCELL is recognized as the preeminent innovator in producing uniquely engineered, multi-layer HDPE plastic molded drums. With the introduction of our proprietary ICAS™ (Integrated Clean Air System) technology we have taken our processes and the purity of our drums to a whole new level.

Coexcell blow molds the cleanest Ultra-Pure/High Purity drums in the industry. These drums are for the semiconductor industry’s stringent metal extractables requirement or the pharmaceutical industry that are shipping active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

First, it starts with the inner wetted surface of the 30/55 gallon all Polyethylene drum body. Coexcell was the first in the industry to blow mold a tri-layer drum. The tri-layer concept allows us to keep our drum costs lowest by using the Ultra-Pure/High Purity resins for the inner layer that interacts with the stored highly sensitive chemicals. This all-important inner layer has been proven in labs to have the lowest metal ion extractables leach from the drum into the chemicals.  Coexcell currently offers three resins for Ultra -Pure/High Purity inner layer wetted surfaces. This is determined by the customer’s requirement for the acceptable level of metal ion extractables a particular chemistry leaches from the drum. Coexcell characterizes these as Good, Better and Best.  Good and better both being High Purity with two grades of resin.  Best being Ultra-Pure for the most stringent metallic ion requirements.  We publish this data on page 2 of our IC 55, C55, K55 spec sheet.

Second, Coexcell uses a process created by us, trademarked as ICAS™ . The Integral Clean Air System incorporates an array of process control systems and advanced technology enhancements. This proprietary, multi-stage HEPA air filtration systems purify the air used in the blow mold and post-forming process.

Third, the post-forming area at Coexcell is inside a Class 1000 clean room which assures drum purity during the final finishing process. This glass-sided structure utilizes HEPA filtration systems to achieve a maximum of 1000 particles greater than .5 microns per cubic meter of inside air.

Fourth, the finished product samples of Coexcell are moved to our in-house Class 100 liquid particle test laboratory to certify drum cleanliness.


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