After over two decades, COEXCELL is recognized as the preeminent innovator in producing uniquely engineered, multi-layer HDPE plastic molded drums. Our N55 drums are also with tri-layer blow molding technology.  This process allows us to manufacture the drums with a white inner liner layer.

Food Grade Drums & Packaging Solutions

Our N55 Food Packaging Products collectively provide the ideal solution for shipping and storage in the food processing industry. Molded from FDA Compliant, HDPE resin and colorant upon request, the N55 Food Packaging Components provide safe and hygienic storage for food grade applications. Our unique N55 Drums nest securely in the custom designed N55 Pallets and, together form our N55FPS Food Packaging System to provide maximum stability during storage and transport. When not in use, both the drums and pallets nest inside each other for simple, compact storage providing warehouse space savings. Eliminating fears of corrosion, rotting or denting, the N55FPS also allows for outside storage. This durable, long lasting system can be reused indefinitely, with proper handling, and the plastic construction makes it 100% recyclable.

Cost of Ownership

N55 HDPE vs. steel drums.

Coexcell blow molds the most rugged 55 gallon nestable Open Head drum on the market. This drum takes the abuse given out in a mechanized food manufacturing plant with forklifts running about and then some. Our regular customers tell us the N55 lasts 3-4 times or longer than a steel drum – which means that many years of service giving you an outstandingly low cost of ownership and a tremendous return on your investment.

We encourage you to calculate and compare your cost of ownership vs steel drums

(drum cost $_______) ÷  (drum life in years_______) = cost per year $____________

Our example:
(Steel drum cost $ 39 )  (steel drum life in years   3 ) = cost per year $ 13 per year
(N55 drum cost %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;  52 ) ÷ (N55 drum life in years  9  which is 3x the life of steel) = cost per year $5.80 per year.

Now multiply the cost of ownership difference by the number of reusable drums bought and,  Yes N55 nestable drums save big money over time.

Now calculate the hidden ongoing cost of transporting empty drums.
Take your transportation costs of per trip. For example $500.
Approx 208 empty drums fit on a 53’ trailer. Over 3 times (736) fit on a 53ft. trailer. So to transport 624 steel drums the costs are $1500, while the cost is $500 for N55 drums.

Additionally, how does your customer perceive the value of your product in a more sanitary, professional looking container (no rust, no dents)?  That answer is in the years they are a customer.

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