It all started back in 1993 when COEXCELL was a brand new company, and had a very big and bold idea for making new plastic drums with more than one layer of HDPE resin – offering a unique high-purity production system for the electronic chemical industry.

COEXCELL introduced a new kind of drum using a process they trademarked as ICAS™. The ICAS™ process set the industry standard for plastic drums in terms of low particle count, high performance and value. This revolutionary and proprietary process incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with advanced multistage systems. The result … The ICAS™ process became an industry-leading benchmark because of its ability to use specially engineered, sophisticated resins to create a separate inner-liner layer in the construction of the drums.

COEXCELL, had effectively created a methodology for strictly limiting the quantity and size of foreign particles during the container formation process.

Since those early days, the big companies have all tried to duplicate the ICAS™ process. That’s why the men and women at COEXCELL are called pioneers. They have blazed a path for others to follow.

If you have a drum packaging challenge, let the technology and ingenuity at COEXCELL go to work for you.

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