N55 Pallet for PureTech drums in the Pharmaceutical Industry

PureTech drums were created for those clean applications that need more purity than standard drum manufacturers can supply.  For those open head drum applications that need to be moved by a pallet, COEXCELL recommend using the N55 Pallet with the N 55 drums.  These types of applications include the shipping of excipients for the pharmaceutical industry, the nutraceutical industry, or personal care/cosmetic applications.

One of Coexcell’s problem solving innovations, is the N55 Pallet which optimizes storage and best handling designed specifically to fit the N55 Drum  The N55 Pallet provides added balance and stability during shipping.  The unique design allows N55 drums to nest neatly in the pallet, thus allowing for steady stacking.  Coexcell recommends stacking 3 high in ambient pharmaceutical a applications and 4 high in frozen pharmaceutical applications for superior space savings.

The N55 Pallet’s plastic construction provides added strength and doesn’t crack or break under pressure. Less permeable to bacteria than wood pallets, the plastic material provides not only increased durability but also safety. Ideal for a clean pharmaceutical environment High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resin and is the perfect accompaniment to the N55 drum.


More sanitary than wood

Longer lasting than wood

Safer and better drum stacking than wood..  

50% lighter than wood.

40% less warehouse space than traditional pallets




48” x 48” (123cm x 123cm)

Pallet height

10.7” (27cm)

Pallet weight

30lbs (13.6kg)

Nesting height per pallet

approx. +2” (+ 5cm)

Forklift openings

6.28” x 4.70” (16cm x 12cm)

Center dividing wall

17.72” (45cm)

Stacked Drum and Pallet height

43.75” (111cm)


Black (Other colors available upon special request)


Approximately 1,248 empty, nested pallets can fill a standard 53’ trailer.

Approximately 748 empty, nested pallets fill a 40’ high storage cube container.

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