In order to make consistently clean Ultra-Pure/High Purity and PureTech drums – Coexcell has an intelligently designed, totally transparent and completely traceable Quality Assurance Process, which is rigorously enforced.
Tests and Inspections During Production Runs
A leak-proof test is performed on every drum, per UNDOT Regulations, on a pressure stand with calibrated testing equipment. The test is performed with air pressure on Y rated drums to 20kPa and 30kPa on X rated drums
A visual inspection of the inside of each drum to detect clearly visible internal flaws
Photographic analysis during sidewall testing 2x per shift
Full drum and sidewall layer thickness measurements at 32 different points depending on the drum at 2x per shift.
Liquid particle count with deionized water conducted inside a Class 100 clean room 2x per production run.
Hourly machine process control checks on temperature and various processing parameters.
Blown air purity inspection prior to Ultra-Pure/High Purity production runs
Clean room air inspections prior to Ultra-Pure/High Purity production runs.

  • Records Kept and Available upon Request
  • Raw Material & Component lot traceability records
  • Full UNDOT test records for each production run
  • Product Consistency records for each production run.
  • Certificates of Analysis (C of A) for each production run per customer request
  • Quality Control Data for Control Limits Performance
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) upon request.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data.
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis data.
  • Tool and measurement device calibration records
  • Sampling Plan records.
  • Five Tests Performed as Required to be UNDOT Certified.
  • Drop test with glycol/water solution at Zero degrees or lower
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test at 98% full and pressurize to 150kPa
  • Leak Proof test
  • 28 day stack test for first annual certification, then Dynamic compression test by adding pressure and measuring deflection to no more than 1” Vibration testing
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