PureTech for Excipient, Nutraceutical, and Personal Care applications

PureTech drums were created for those clean applications that don’t quite have the stringent requirements for Ultra-Pure/High Purity, but still need “purity”.  These types of applications include the shipping of excipients for the pharmaceutical industry, the nutraceutical industry, or personal care/cosmetic application


COEXCELL has invested further into the production of superior 55 gallon drums for packaging operations that have key performance indicators to achieve the lowest level of impurities for the Pharmaceutical industry .  This investment, in the above header photograph, is the latest in blow molding technology imported from Germany and installed here in Maumee, Oh USA. 

This new technology makes our PureTech drums from Coexcell which have been designed to transport some appropriate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. This state of the art equipment and process has a smoother inner surface for less contact between product and surface which creates less potential contamination.  It also allows a better inner wetted surface coverage and more even distribution of all three layers of the tri-layer drum.  

These PureTech drums are being produced as a barrier packaging material (55 gallon HDPE) in the tight head format K55 and the nestable open head format N55.

Our PureTech drums still use a clean virgin resin for the inner liner layer, but just not quite matching the metal ion extractables level of Ultra-Pure/High Purity. PureTech drums are produced on our new Kautex blow molding machine from Germany with state of the art robotics, and cooling stations.

If the contents of the drum are valuable, why would you anything less than the best

With PureTech, we can design the cleanliness checks to meet your requirements. Upon request Coexcell can provide trace metals analysis for our 2 inner liner layer resins. Coexcell can provide Liquid Particle Testing
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