PureTech N55 nestable for Pharmaceutical Applications

PureTech drums were created for those clean applications that don’t quite have the stringent requirements for Ultra-Pure/High Purity, but still need “purity”. These types of applications include the shipping of excipients for the pharmaceutical industry, the nutraceutical industry, or personal care/cosmetic applications.

Cost of Ownership

N55 HDPE vs. steel drums.

Coexcell blow molds the most rugged 55 gallon nestable Open Head drum on the market. This drum takes the abuse given out in a mechanized food manufacturing plant with forklifts running about and then some. Our regular customers tell us the N55 lasts 3-4 times or longer than a steel drum – which means that many years of service giving you an outstandingly low cost of ownership and a tremendous return on your investment.

We encourage you to calculate and compare your cost of ownership vs steel drums

(drum cost $_______) ÷  (drum life in years_______) = cost per year $____________

Our example:
(Steel drum cost $ 39 )  (steel drum life in years   3 ) = cost per year $ 13 per year
(N55 drum cost %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;  52 ) ÷ (N55 drum life in years  9  which is 3x the life of steel) = cost per year $5.80 per year.

Now multiply the cost of ownership difference by the number of reusable drums bought and,  Yes N55 nestable drums save big money over time.

Now calculate the hidden ongoing cost of transporting empty drums.
Take your transportation costs of per trip. For example $500.
Approx 208 empty drums fit on a 53’ trailer. Over 3 times (736) fit on a 53ft. trailer. So to transport 624 steel drums the costs are $1500, while the cost is $500 for N55 drums.

Additionally, how does your customer perceive the value of your product in a more sanitary, professional looking container (no rust, no dents)?  That answer is in the years they are a customer.

For almost two decades, COEXCELL’s N55 Drum has been the safe and economical choice for the shipping and storage of food products. With the N55 Drum, COEXCELL remains focused on superior quality and outstanding performance, offering exceptional value to you and the customers you serve.  Coexcell now manufactures this drum with white virgin inner layer.  The inner whiteness makes the cleanliness inspection that much easier when cleanliness is a huge issue.

Created from virgin HDPE material, the N55 open head drum is FDA certified for a wide variety of food grade applications. The N55 offers safe, hygienic packaging for food processing and storage. The drum’s lightweight, conical design conveniently allows them to stack for increased warehouse efficiency and space. Preventing corrosion and denting, the plastic construction also allows for outside storage and additional space savings. With a virtually unlimited product life, your savings begin with your first N55 Drum purchase.


  • Body sidewall contains pigment and UV stabilizers to offer maximum protection from the sun
  • Lighter weight – about half as heavy as steel drums, allowing for greater payloads
  • The conical shape allows empty drums to be nested allowing warehouse efficiency to be improved by up to 75%
  • The white inner layers allows for easier cleanliness inspection.
  • A long life cycle means the N55 will long outlast their steel counterparts, providing many more trip cycles
  • The patented molded strapping channel allows proper restraint while the drum is on the pallet and during shipments (Banding of drums on pallet is recommended for increased stability)
  • Designed to be easily handled with conventional drum handling equipment
  • Consistent container dimensions which eliminates “sorting” of steel drums


Body Height

37.5” (95.3cm)

Top diameter

23.2” (58.9cm)

De-nesting height

7.4” (19cm)

Min Wall Thickness

.125” (.32 cm)

Total weight

17.0 lbs. (± 0.5 lbs.) / 7.70 kg (± 0.23 kg)

Max Capacity

55 gal (208 liters)


Black (Other colors available upon special request)


Broad temperature operating range:
-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

Deflection point:
149°F to 160°F (65°C to 71°C)

Approximately 736 nested Drums including lids and lock bands fill a standard 53’ trailer

Approximately 536 nested Drums including lids and lock bands fill a 40’ high storage cube container.

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